Business Litigation

Harshman Ponist’s civil litigation practice includes representing business in lawsuits and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including mediation and arbitration. We also represent businesses in administrative proceedings. Here are a few examples of situations in which we can help businesses and business owners.

Disputes Between Shareholders or LLC Members

No one goes into business with other people expecting to end up in litigation with them. Even so, it happens, and when it happens, feelings can run as high as they do in any marital divorce. Like the dissolution of a marriage, a business divorces can disrupt the entire lives of the people involved. Moreover, they can affect many other people, including the families of the business owners, employees, customers, and suppliers. We believe that disputes between business owners are often best resolved by negotiating from a strong position and putting forth creating ideas to preserve as much of our client’s value in the business as possible, without hesitating to resort to litigation when necessary. Perhaps no other business situation requires more of the personal service, bold advocacy, and experienced counsel that Harshman Ponist’s lawyers can provide.

Contract Disputes

We take pride in writing contracts that will protect our clients’ interests, and we hope than none of them end up in litigation. But when they do, we can provide the bold advocacy necessary to secure for our clients the benefits they expected to receive from the contract.

Landlord-Tenant Matters

We represent both landlords and tenants in commercial leases, and we also represent businesses that are landlords to residential leases.

Home Improvement Contract Disputes

Indiana’s Home Improvement Contract Act has some very specific requirements for contracts related to the repair or improvement of residential properties. We represent contractors who do not get paid for work properly performed, and we represent homeowners when contractors do not comply with the statute, fail to do the work, or do the work improperly.

Noncompete Agreements

Noncompete agreements, or covenants not to compete, are often the subject of disputes and litigation. Some of the most frequently litigated noncompete agreements are between health care professionals and their employers or their former practices; between salespeople and their former employers; and between hair stylists and salons, whether the stylist was an employee or independent contractor. Of course, those are not the only situations in which disputes over noncompetition agreements arise, and we can represent a business that needs to enforce a covenant not to compete or a person who is being sued, or threatened with a lawsuit, for an alleged violation of a noncompete agreement.

Business Torts

Include a variety of disputes, from defamation (either libel or slander), to interference with a contract or business relationship, to misappropriation of trade secrets. We can represent our business in any of those situations, and more, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant.